traditional pen & ink caricatures

Traditional caricature

The word "caricature" comes from the Italian caricare. It means to charge, to exaggerate. A caricature is a painted, drawn or sculpted portrait which amplifies certain characteristic features of the subject. Often humorous, caricature is a type of graphic satire when it charges ridiculous or unpleasant aspects. *

The caricatures drawn by Xenia are nice earlier and highlight the qualities of the person.

For traditional caricature Xenia uses high quality paper (A4), ink, nicoline to create in just a few minutes a good quality drawing

As a result of this technique which has evolved over the years of experience, Xenia faithfully reproduces different textures in the caricatured portraits, carefully observing hair treatment in the examples below.

The caricatures in a traditional way are in black and white, which gives a particular charm to the drawing, a simplicity which emphasizes the lines and the contrasts.